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About the Course

Join a community of individuals who would like to change the way they've been. The course is 4 weeks. We will meet once per week for about 60-90 minutes. It's designed to teach you tools that you will use to clear triggers and confidently move forward in life with more ease and joy. I will help you clear negative energy and old thought patterns through somatic healing including, breathwork, meditation and verbal clearings.

Turn into success and confidence. I teach you tools you're not taught growing up to be the best you can be. Changing your thought patterns will increase your awareness and allow your mind to function differently. You will notice ways you create and generate things through different light. You will stop resisting and reacting to things and start changing the energy of who you be with others and yourself. Now is the only time you can create. The past nor the present exists. Why not now! I will help you gain more confidence in what you choose and feel better about your choices. Your confidence will allow you to create more and better ways of being in life. After all you are a being of energy and consciousness. Let's learn what it is you'd like to change and make that change. I'm here every step of the way for you. I've been there too! So, I totally get it!

Who can you be today that you've never been? I'm going to help you get there.


Your Instructor

Casey Strohmayer

Casey Strohmayer

Casey is an intuitive guide to your imagination , consciousness and helps you heal your mind and body.

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