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About the Course

"Focus For Your Future" is about bringing yourself to a space of relaxation and inner peace so you can let go of the past, release trauma and flow with ease. This class will be 60 minutes, for one month, once per week. DATE AND TIME TBA

If you'd like to be; more clear and have more focus on your life, enjoy life more, present with yourself and your family, more understanding, love more, create the life of your dreams, healthier mentally and physically, then this class is for you.

We will collectively, practice throat humming while meditating and releasing your darkest and stuck moments. We will meditate and clear for about one hour and have a discussion afterwards.

This class will have you feeling lighter and more clear as you focus and start noticing what is true for you. You will be more motivated and excited about life.


Your Instructor

Casey Strohmayer

Casey Strohmayer

Casey is an intuitive guide to your imagination , consciousness and helps you heal your mind and body.

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