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About the Course

Join a community of all who have experienced some trauma in life. The course is 12 weeks. We will meet once per week for about 60-90 minutes.

There's not one person who hasn't experienced some level of trauma. It can be anything from being bullied, losing a loved one, abuse, PTSD, being shamed, being raised to be shy or not good enough.

I help you be a better version of you. Delete the waste from your brain and create something new. Let go of trauma, old thought patterns, ways of thinking, better word choices, learn to come from a space of love, open your mind and heart to what is true for you. Learn to know what to choose within seconds. Never feel afraid, fear, guilt, shame, regret, judgmental, anxiety, or worry again.

Close all doors to what no longer serves you and open doors to excitement and possibility. Does this sound like something you would like? I have helped many people completely change their life in just a few hours of clearing and resetting your mind. These clearings work and I'm happy to say I do them for myself as well. Let's get started.


Your Instructor

Casey Strohmayer

Casey Strohmayer

Casey is an intuitive guide to your imagination , consciousness and helps you heal your mind and body.

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